People with disabilities

As a responsible employer, we have made of our commitments to employees with disabilities a key part of our Diversity and Inclusion strategy. As such, we are engaged in improving the quality of live of employees with disabilities  by providing them an inclusive and adapted work environment where people with disabilities can thrive and reach their full potential. This commitment makes us stronger, more innovative and better at serving our 75 million consumers worldwide.

Take a Closer Look at disabilities

Misconceptions are everywhere – and, without the correct awareness, they can be easy to believe and perpetuate. In celebration of UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd, Sodexo challenges some of the most clichés associated with people with disabilities (PWDs). Through its inspiring stories from every corner of the world, Sodexo invites everyone to take a closer look at disabilities.


PDF 1 - Contribution and InclusionIn the United States, Sodexo employees are learning to foster a more inclusive environment and be visible allies of PWDs through the Voice program, created by disability advocacy pioneer Deb Dagit. Since September 2014, more than 225 participants have completed or signed up for the series of interactive classroom and digital courses. Learn more

PDF 2 - Limitless PotentialThe Willow Bean Café at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) offers an employment program that is helping people who are recovering from mental illness to gain the confidence and support needed to work again. 100% of profits made at the café will go back to fund mental health programs at the Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver – Burnaby Branch. Learn more


PDF 3 - Disabilities and AbsenteeismThe Sodexo team at Vancouver Community College works with the Vancouver School Board’s Life Skills Program to support student interns with intellectual disabilities. The Life Skills Program exposes students with intellectual disabilities to college-level educational opportunities and job training placements early on in high school.


PDF 4 - Mutual understanding

Out of concern for the well-being of our hearing impaired employees in Brazil, we begun translating our healthcare, quality and safety training videos into the Libras sign language in 2012. This initiative supports employees to grow and develop, become more involved and ultimately become valued members of the organization. Learn more


PDF 5 - Family ConcernsIn Eastern China, our human resources and operations management teams visit the homes of our 47 employees with disabilities during the Chinese New Year period, bringing holiday greetings and soliciting feedback on employees’ experiences within the organization. Learn more

International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD)

Sodexo celebrated the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Dec. 3 by profiling five employees from across Canada who either have a disability or are managers who are experienced in hiring and working with people with disabilities. 

Key Figures on Disabilities

People with disabilities are having a harder time entering the workforce.

Making the difference

Disabilities 2014 - Man 2  
Discover Sean's story who shares with us what it means to manage a team with special needs and how they make it work every day.

Sodexo's Accessible Customer Service Plan

Sodexo is committed to excellence in servicing all of our customers, including people with disabilities. In compliance with the Ontarians for Disabilities Act, we are happy to share our Accessible Customer Service Plan.