How we do business

Founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, Sodexo has more than 420,000 employees worldwide. The Group’s development is built on fundamentals that unite our teams and give Sodexo its unique personality. These fundamentals are expressed through our values and ethical principles. More on our fundamentals.

Every day, millions of people rely on Sodexo to provide On-site Services safely. As a global leader, Sodexo is committed to a health and safety culture and world class health and safety performance.

Ensure high safety standards

To ensure highest safety standards at all our sites, we:

  • demonstrate leadership in safety with Global and Canadian safety policies;

  • ensure our Safety Standards align with global best practices;

  • work with our clients and suppliers to develop and implement effective safety programs;

  • define key indicators to monitor policy implementation and safety initiatives;

  • implement self-inspection, audit programs, incident responses, analysis and learning.

Health and Safety professionals

With a national approach to safety, clients can expect to see the highest level of safety across the country. From the remotest of locations, to a business in the heart of a city, leadership in safety is part of the culture at Sodexo. Clients will be working with a team of safety professionals who are located throughout Canada, who can draw on the global knowledge and expertise from the Sodexo business.

We believe that safety is a journey and continue to learn and share best practice from across the globe to make our business in Canada world class in the field of health and safety.


Sodexo’s priority is to ensure a safe, healthy offshore work environment, including all the necessary services that promote the well-being of its client's employees.

The Better Tomorrow Plan

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We Are, We Do & We Engage: The basis of our strategy for Corporate responsibility.