Sustainability Champion Spotlight: Ian Bilodeau

Published on : 8/5/21
    • Ian BilodeauTime with Sodexo: 10 years
    • Location: Ontario/Quebec
    • Segment: Corporate Service
    • Role: Executive Chef

    Ian is the Executive Chef for one of our clients in Gatineau, Quebec. He oversees not only the cafeteria services but also the bistro, restaurant, banquet facilities and catering events.

    For him, sustainability has never been a choice, it is part of everything he does. Sustainability is about meeting our own needs to live or the needs of the business to operate and be financially viable without compromising future generations, Ian explains. He believes the food part of sustainability is the most important, because of its direct environmental aspect.

    "As a chef, food waste is an issue that is very close to my heart, and we try to waste as little as possible."

    In his unit, the Sodexo team implements several sustainable initiatives, including using only compostable utensils, offering customers local produce and plant-based options and using sustainable fish and seafood whenever possible. Prior to the closure of its unit due to COVID-19, the team worked with Shepherds of Hope, a shelter in Ottawa, to provide them with food that would otherwise be wasted during banquets and cafeteria service.

    "My advice on how to implement a sustainable initiative is to encourage people to take their time. There are no small actions, anything positive you do is a step in the right direction."

    As a Sustainability Champion, Ian is one of our leaders for a pilot project with WWF Canada. Ian adds, I still have a lot to learn, but the key is to teach people to make small changes, knowing the positive impact that results.

    "I'm very proud to represent Sodexo Canada and show the world that large companies are doing their part by educating their team and stakeholders about change. "


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