Sustainability Champion Spotlight: Megan Spencer

Published on : 5/14/21
  • Megan Spencer

    • Time with Sodexo:  11 years
    • Location: Vancouver, BC
    • Industry: Healthcare
    • Role: General Manager

    Having a background in nutrition and living in a green city like Vancouver, Megan has always had the environment top of mind. That’s why implementing sustainability initiatives on site and at home was second nature for her. 

    Working in a healthcare environment can be very challenging, especially when it comes to sustainability, since the safety of the patients is the number one priority. Megan and her team collaborate closely with the client to discuss sustainability projects that will benefit their patients, like using reusable dishware for patients and residents, reducing food waste by only ordering the amount they will need and tracking patients' satisfaction around food items to continue improving the menu and avoid wasting.

    “For me sustainability means leaving the world a better place than when we found it and making sure it’s still here for later generations. In my current role at Sodexo, I make sure to find new solutions to reduce waste as much as possible, starting by preventing food from being wasted in the first place and making sure we are serving people what they want.”

    As a Sustainability Champion, my role is to be a resource to my colleagues and to keep our sustainability initiatives top of mind. I also support my colleagues from other industries if I see a partnership or initiative that can fit their operations.

    Megan tries to be as sustainable as she can at home too. She makes sure every meal is planned to avoid wasting food. She also enjoys biking to work.  

    “It might seem like we are always implementing new things and trying hard, but sustainability is really not a lot of work. Your actions are recognised, and they are worthy.”

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