Sustainability Champion Spotlight: Shivang Puri

Published on : 2/7/22
    • Time with Sodexo: 10 years
    • Location:  Mississauga, Ontario
    • Segment: Business Development
    • Role: Director, Business Development

    Shivang has been with Sodexo for over 10 years, working at different levels of our operations and in different units and segments.  Sustainability has always been important for him in every step of his career with Sodexo and becoming a Sustainability Champion helped him to engage with his previous teams and clients to implement more sustainable initiatives and showcase better practices to inspire others.

    For me, sustainability means deploying actions and initiatives while considering the future; the long-term impact of our actions and how they will affect future generations, says Shivang.

    In his previous role as an Area District Manager, he implemented different sustainable initiatives like changing the whole plastic take-out containers and cutlery to 100% compostable ones. He also organized a local vendor fair where vendors like Bamfords and Green Chef showcased their products to consumers and clients and raised awareness of the importance of local and responsible sourcing.

    I think we all have a role to play. Every single person’s action can contribute to a better future, and we can start with what is in our control, our actions, and the actions of people around you, that you can help influence, says Shivang.

    By being a Sustainability Champion, I can contribute to creating a balance between the environment, equity and economy. All three dimensions must be considered and integrated with one another to create thriving, healthy, diverse and resilient communities.

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