Nutritious, tasty, clinically adapted meals are critical to good health. Sodexo is the largest private employer of registered dietitians and our teams support hospitals' nutritional care practices to plan menus suited to patient requirements.

Patient-specific foodservices

With the help of our dietitians, our chefs prepare meals designed to stimulate the appetite in accordance with each patient’s medical prescription. Using proven guidelines, our clinical dietitians take a leadership role in providing healthful, compliant diets, counseling and treatment for patients. These guidelines include assessment standards and disease-specific information.


The Expressly For You plan allows patients to select their diet-appropriate meals from their bed. Our dieticians can then confirm a main choice selection or select alternatives and record a patient’s desired meal choices. At Mackenzie Health, the plan has led to a continuous positive increase in recorded patient satisfaction.

Retail foodservices

Our teams know better than anyone that quality food services also contribute to building and maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s challenging health environment. Our expertise in facilitating access to foodservices is especially sought after to improve the daily life of medical staff.

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