Jade Hahn – Bow Valley College – Calgary, AB

Jade Hahn is known among students and staff at Bow Valley College in Calgary as one of the friendliest guys on campus. He has worked at a variety of Sodexo accounts in Calgary and recently celebrated his 15th anniversary with the company in September, 2016.

Jade is currently a dishwasher at Bow Valley College where he works part time, two days per week on an eight-hour shift. During holidays, he often covers shifts for his colleagues.

Working as part of a team is important to Jade. He gets a tremendous sense of his contribution to the group when he comes back to work after being off for a few days. “My co-workers really miss me when I am not here because they have more work to do,” he says.

Jade’s favourite aspects of his job are washing the dishes, cleaning up and helping his co-workers. On the flip side, his least favourite jobs are taking out the garbage and doing the cardboard recycling.

According to his supervisor, Elric Nielsen, Jade is extremely reliable. “I’ve worked with Jade for more than eight years and I cannot recall a single time when he was late or absent from work. The only time he misses work is when he takes a vacation.”

Many of Jade’s duties require him to be in the campus dining areas and he always takes the time to talk to students while he goes about his work. “I really enjoy the people I see. Everyone is very nice to me and appreciates the work I do,” he says.

Having Jade on the Sodexo team makes it a stronger unit. “Jade is very methodical and structured,” says Nielsen. “Once shown a task, he will repeat it in the exact same manner, each and every time. His work is always completed to the highest standard. Our team has so much confidence in Jade. We can always count on him to do an outstanding job.”  

Outside of work Jade loves the Calgary Flames and spends a lot of his free time watching hockey games. He also enjoys walking his dog along the paths near his home, visiting friends, skiing and going on vacation.