Our approach

Sodexo believes in social justice. We are against racism and discrimination in all their forms. Sodexo is both proud of the work we’ve done to date to address biases and racism and ethnic relations, but we are very aware that we also have much more work to do. The entire organisation is working through tangible actions we can take in addition to important conversations we are requiring our entire team to have.

Our goal is to model inclusion and refuse to be bystanders. We have created safe spaces for all voices to be heard, and we will continue to engage in open and honest conversations that will facilitate the change we want to see in the world and will strengthen our culture of inclusion so that everyone can thrive.

We want to foster an inclusive culture by:

Client engagement on ethnicity and racism

We organise client events to discuss the difficult topic of race and ethnicity in the workplace.

The objective of these webinars is to:

  1. Raise awareness that a culture of inclusion is more important than ever in the current crisis, thus reinforcing our message that “#InclusionNeverStops”
  2. Highlight the risk of “going backwards” on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion achievements as companies work in crisis mode; reinforce the importance of considering the long term and not being governed by fear
  3. Help participants feel comfortable talking about race and ethnicity and help remove any “barriers” to open dialogue
  4. Benchmark and gather best practices from external companies; address common challenges & prepare for a “new normal” that is inclusive of diverse needs


Sodexo stands with the BlackLivesMatter movement in the U.S. and around the world. Racism is a pervasive issue that hurts and prevents many people, including our own employees, clients and the consumers we serve around the world, from living in a safe and free world. Sodexo, like many businesses, demonstrated its abhorrence for the disproportionate treatment of African Americans and the need for a cultural transformation.

“We want to promote a culture of discussion that's self-reflective and inclusive across the Sodexo organisation. These conversations are not easy or comfortable but are necessary for capturing unconscious biases and changing our collective behaviors toward each other”.

Watch the video with Denis Machuel, CEO, Sodexo


Employee business resource groups

We offer our employees every opportunity to engage in our six Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs), dedicated to fostering a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion while promoting best practices. The more perspectives we can bring to our frontlines, our management and our supply chain, the better we perform.

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Indigenous communities

In many regions, Sodexo has operated in client sites on or near ancestral territories. This is especially true in our remote sites, working with clients in the Energy & Resources sectors. We strive to include, engage and build win-win relationship with Indigenous Communities.

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