Our approach to responsible sourcing focuses on three priorities:

Improving health, nutrition and well-being by selecting the healthiest ingredients

Spread of healthy foodFour essential criteria determine our approach to food procurement: safety, quality, proximity and sustainability. Our ingredients are selected according to strict nutritional requirements and are subject to a rigorous and objective testing process. Our partners are required to follow our supplier specifications, and they receive support and assistance through a quality monitoring plan that includes regular audits. Just as our customers do at home, we buy and serve fresh food directly from local producers as well as food from large companies in the food industry.

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Fostering economic, social and environmental progress through an inclusive supply chain

Through a more inclusive supply chain, we are able to further our mission to develop the local communities in which we operate and deepen our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Smaller, more agile suppliers also give us access to new ideas and are closer to market trends.

Our Supply Chain Inclusion Program was launched in North America in 2001. Its goal is to include and promote more small business in our ecosystem of suppliers.

This program is now active worldwide and promotes the inclusion of suppliers that fall into the following three categories:

Building a low carbon emissions supply chain to protect natural ecosystems

CityskapeEmissions are generated at every step across our supply chain, from production to delivery, representing 50% of the company’s global carbon footprint. In addition to promoting low carbon emissions products we choose suppliers that share our commitment to reduce emissions and involve them in our efforts as much as possible.
We have strict rules about monitoring where our products come from and we regularly evaluate our suppliers’ efforts.

Responsible Sourcing contributes to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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Local Initiatives

Sodexo x Aliments du Québec

We’re teaming up with Aliments du Québec to bring their program, Aliments du Québec au menu, to our units to certify that our recipes use local ingredients from the province. This partnership helps us ensure we’re using local ingredients and contributing to the Quebec economy while reducing our impact and reducing waste.

Bimbo Canada

By partnering with Bimbo Canada as our bread provider for Ontario and the Atlantic provinces we are also teaming up for a Better Tomorrow. Bimbo Canada is committed to reducing its carbon emissions, improving the health and well-being of people, sourcing responsibly, reducing food waste and having responsible packaging. Together we are creating a positive impact on communities and the environment.

Sodexo X Foodland Ontario

We have signed a logo agreement with Foodland Ontario that allows our sites in Ontario to promote the products they use from Ontario vendors in their supply chains. Not only does it help to create jobs and supports economic growth in Ontario, but it also builds a strong sense of community by supporting local farmers and businesses.

*(includes suppliers and merchants)