Sodexo Canada Recognized as a Best Diversity Employer

February 10, 2014

Sodexo, the world leader in quality of life services, has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers.

Sodexo Canada Recognized as a Best Diversity Employer

140210 Best Diversity Employer Award_269x250Mediacorp examined Sodexo Canada’s employee network groups, community partnerships and various training and skill development programs for women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal peoples and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered/transsexual (LGBT) peoples and discovered a forward-thinking culture that recognizes diversity as a business imperative.

Sodexo views diversity and inclusion as key development priorities. Through partnerships, awareness and development initiatives such as mentoring and employee networks, the company fosters a culture that embraces differences and celebrates unique talents which in turn becomes a driver of competitiveness and economic performance.

“We have the responsibility to reflect the interests of our diverse workforce and to do so we must strengthen and embed diversity and inclusion deeper within our organization,” shares Dean Johnson, President of Sodexo Canada. “Leveraging a diverse workforce is imperative for companies across all industries. Our clients, customers and partners come from all walks of life and accessing the value of their unique knowledge begins with an open mind.”

Sodexo believes diversity and inclusion differentiates the company in the marketplace and contributes to a culture of inclusion in the workplace. It drives the company’s ability to identify and develop the best talent, create an engaged and committed workforce, and enhance Quality of Life for clients, customers and the communities it serves.

“Our leadership in diversity and inclusion stems from our recognition that being a dynamic company requires people with rich backgrounds and diverse perspectives. After all, we live and do business in a diverse world with diverse needs. At every level, the best performance will come from people who understand and appreciate this,” said Dr. Rohini Anand, Global Chief Diversity Officer for Sodexo.

Sodexo is the only company to offer services based on over one hundred professions and is committed to enhancing employee well-being, optimizing work processes and ensuring proper functioning and safety of sites for companies, hospitals, university campuses, remote sites and large worksites.

To learn more about the Sodexo's diversity and inclusion commitments visit: or read the press release from Mediacorp Canada.

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In this infographic, diversity and inclusion initiatives don't just stop at recruitment. Consider diversity and inclusion practices throughout your business to ensure that your company walks the talk.