Workplace Trends Report 'Maximizing Human Capital in Unique & Challenging Environments'

May 22, 2013

Follow-up to 2013 Workplace Trends Report from Sodexo shows employers who take into account reported trends can create an engage, productive workforce even in a unique workplace.

Workplace Trends Report 'Maximizing Human Capital in Unique & Challenging Environments'

Gaithersburg - Today Sodexo released a research supplement to its annual report on workplace-related trends; Maximizing Human Capital in Unique & Challenging Environments cites data and research findings indicating that employee engagement and workspace design strategies account for significant differences in employee satisfaction and organizational performance.

Among key findings, the Report notes that these specific, unique environments draw certain and predictable demographics of employees and hence have similar workplace challenges. Call centers and caregiver settings, for example, suffer from as high as 65 percent annual turnover and can recover months of lost productivity through employee engagement initiatives. The Report also explores and offers insight into issues ranging from effective engagement of Gen Y workers to help combat the talent gap for highly-skilled workers—a problem reported by 67 percent of U.S.-based manufacturers—to programs aimed at military personnel with high occupational stress levels, who are required to maintain peak physical health.

“Management teams across all industries are wrestling with unique workplace challenges,” said George Chavel, president and CEO, Sodexo North America. “Through our research, and in listening to and working with our clients, we’ve found that answers to performance and growth concerns can often be found in people-focused solutions that come with integrated workplace strategies.”

The Report on Unique & Challenging Environments offers fresh insight by drilling down into drivers affecting the people, workplace environment and community impact issues faced daily in seven unique workplaces including call centers, hospitals, military bases, remote sites, manufacturing, higher education and caregiver settings.

The annual 2013 Workplace Trends Report and Unique & Challenging Environments supplement combines primary research with insights from clients, academia, and leading facilities management and human resource trade organizations. Sodexo’s researchers used mixed-method research to monitor and collectively examine trends that affect the quality of life of their consumers in the workplace.

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