Nutrition and well-being

Nutrition and well-being

Eating is an essential part of daily life. We associate mealtime with pleasure, friendly conversation and, of course, good health. With this in mind, Sodexo offers a full array of customizable foodservice formulas.

In addition to planning and providing varied, wholesome, well-balanced menus, we help employees enjoy the benefits of healthy living.

Your Health, Your Way is a revolutionary program that promotes proper nutrition combined with dining pleasure. We work with our dietitians to develop a wide array of innovative foodservice formulas for sit-down or carryout meals corresponding to the lifestyles, preferences and tastes of people today.

Foodservices for people on the go

The fast pace of work and overloaded schedules have resulted in radically shortened lunch hours. Drawing on its extensive foodservices know-how, Sodexo develops and offers meal options to suit everyone’s needs, habits and tastes. Simply to Go is Sodexo’s freshly made and smartly packaged option that offers the convenience for those on the run.

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