Concierge services by Sodexo

Concierge services by Sodexo

Today’s changing lifestyles are prompting people to seek new ways of improving their quality of life. These new aspirations have opened up a new market of personal and home services, in which Sodexo is now delivering innovative solutions.

A multitude of factors contribute to the fast pace of life experienced by individuals. Companies are seeking solutions that make everyday life easier for their employees or customers in order to retain them and ensure their well being. From this point of view, company concierge services are a highly valued benefit.

Campbell’s, a leading food and beverage company, chose our Circles offer to retain talented staff and optimize the performance of its employees. The return on Campbell’s investment was immediate: the company reported significant productivity gains and reduced voluntary departures.


Concierge services on demand

Circles, our company concierge services specialist, responds to every need, from running the simplest errands to satisfying complex, time-consuming requests. Whether an employee wants to organize a dinner at a special destination, have a camcorder delivered to the hotel, obtain a last minute travel visa, have a car dropped off at the garage, find a plumber or have clothes dry-cleaned without leaving the office, Circles will find a solution.


A stress-free workplace = a more productive company

Employees can make their requests to a concierge on duty at the company's offices, a concierge available by telephone or a virtual concierge on a dedicated web portal. The services save energy and make life more comfortable and less stressful so employees can concentrate on their work. That means productivity gains for the company and greater employee satisfaction.


Enhancing customer relationships

Satisfied customers are a company’s best promoters. Organizations can also offer our concierge services as an added benefit for their own clientele. These services give companies a real competitive advantage in meeting individual needs and generating customer loyalty.

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Circles, a Sodexo company
Circles, Sodexo's company concierge services specialist, provides innovative  incentive, retention and recognition solutions for clients and their employees.