Environmental solutions

Environmental solutions

Companies can no longer ignore the environmental impact of their activities. This is of particular concern in remote areas with fragile ecosystems where natural resources are extracted. Sodexo supports clients by offering a wide range of sustainable solutions that deliver proven results.




Salvage, sort, remove and recycle

Operating a mine, an oil rig or a hydropower station has definite impacts on local ecosystems. The problem is compounded when thousands of men and women arrive to work in an uninhabited area. Sodexo has proven expertise in the day-to-day management of household and technical waste at remote sites.

Our solutions go beyond mere salvage operations to encompass the entire waste management chain, offering sorting and recycling processes and setting up tailor-made logistical flows for clients with several sites. We provide turnkey solutions for all types of waste, no matter how hazardous, guaranteeing safety levels for both camp residents and the environment.


Reducing food waste

Recognising that a typical 400-person camp can throw away in excess of 120kg of food waste every day (about 43 tonnes a year), Sodexo investigated a number of commercially available units to process food waste on site as an alternative to landfill.

Based on our experience in remote site management, Sodexo is committed to fostering environmentally responsible behaviour. For example, we designed the Food Waste Awareness Campaign at the Lower Mattagami River Project to reduce waste and improve healthy eating habits. The campaign was able to reduce shipping costs, fuel consumption and landfill waste.

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