Comforting accommodations and foodservices

kitchen staff member preparing milk

Enjoying a varied diet and having a place to oneself contribute to individual well being. This is just as important for teams working in a camp in the Northwest Territories as it is for office workers in downtown Toronto. 

People working in extreme environments are especially appreciative of services that improve the Quality of Daily Life. Sodexo applies international standards to its remote sites hospitality services. We are committed to taking care of employees: we provide clean, well-equipped rooms with comfortable bed linens and bath towels, along with newspapers, magazines and DVD players to watch their favorite films.

Our solutions are sources of well being, contributing to the productivity and loyalty of our client’s employees and their performance on the site.


Eating well even in remote areas

Our experienced chefs develop menus for our client’s workers that combine pleasure with the benefits of wholesome nutrition. Drawing on our knowledge of Remote Site consumers worldwide, we know how to satisfy their diverse eating habits and various cultural and dietetic requirements.

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