24/7 online concierge services

24/7 online concierge services

Maintaining a healthy life-work balance is especially difficult for people living away from home. Sodexo’s online concierge services enable remote site residents to manage some aspects of their personal lives from a distance to help them better concentrate on the work at hand and feel less isolated.




Taking care of everything

We know what it means, in concrete terms, to be far from home. We assist residents by taking charge of the many small - and important – details of everyday life. Once relieved of their concerns, they can focus entirely on their work. Whether they want to organize a birthday party for a family member, book tickets for a sports event or oversee repairs on a car left at home, our teams will take care of everything. By facilitating life for remote site residents, we also strengthen their ties to the company that employs them.

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A safe place to live and work

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Comforting accommodation and foodservices

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Well being and leisure

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