Well being and leisure

Well being and leisure

Wellness is smart business. One of the biggest challenges our clients face is not only attracting and retaining quality workers, but also finding innovative ways to make sure they stay healthy – physically and mentally. Because isolation often leads to boredom, Sodexo organizes leisure, sports and cultural activities to entertain employees at remote sites around the world. Keeping busy and staying active can support well-being and productivity, employee retention and employee engagement.


Creating a “village” atmosphere

When people return from their workday, they take care of everyday matters and enjoy their favourite pastimes, which is not easy when you live thousands of kilometres from home.

To break the monotony of daily routine, Sodexo plans and runs leisure, sports and cultural activities such as game rooms, sports facilities and competitions, internet cafes, retail outlets and excursions. Our many initiatives and programs make everyday life more fun. Far from the image of a remote camp cut off from the rest of the world, we create dynamic living environments to help create a sense of community and a friendly atmosphere on site.

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