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Sodexo and the uOttawa LIFE Research Institute join forces

September 18, 2019

A new partnership to explore the future of health and well-being

OTTAWA – New technologies are changing the health and well-being landscape at record-breaking speed and on Tuesday September 17th, 2019, Sodexo and the uOttawa LIFE Research Institute proudly announced a new, three-year partnership that will support innovative research projects and allow us to keep up with this ever-changing world.

Sodexo, a world leader in delivering food services, facilities management and over 100 quality of life services, has pledged more than 217,000 $ (150,000 €) for the first year of this collaboration, which will fund three projects per year.

“Improving health and well-being for people is at the core of Sodexo’s quality of life services. It is a committed endeavor that requires research and analysis along with the collaboration of the brightest minds around the world,” said Thomas Jelley, Vice-President of the Sodexo Quality of Life Institute. “The insights we will gain from this new partnership will help us anticipate the evolution of well-being, future client and consumer needs, repercussions on our clients’ businesses, as well as the impact of new trends in our fast-changing world.”

Researchers and scientists will be encouraged to unleash the power of their creativity: the overall objective of this collaboration is to foster strong, interdisciplinary, and ground-breaking research that will modernize our knowledge and conception of health and wellbeing.

“The University of Ottawa LIFE Research Institute is extremely excited to partner with Sodexo,” added Dr. Linda Garcia, Director of the Institute. “We pride ourselves on answering complex questions that are meaningful to our community, by drawing from the expertise of all our faculties. This partnership will help us generate truly interdisciplinary projects that build on our existing research and foster creative ways of improving health and well-being. As we live longer, better and with voice and choice, this is very important.”

To ensure the best possible future for our healthcare systems, businesses and academia must work together, and that is exactly why Sodexo and the uOttawa LIFE Research Institute are thrilled to join forces under this partnership.

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