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Our Sustainability Champions

From the food we prepare, to the water and energy we consume, we take responsible actions every day, in every area of our operations. Our Sustainability Champions are creating a Better Tomorrow for everyone starting today. Read their stories and get inspired by their initiatives.

Sustainability Champions

Megan Lacoste

“While composting food waste is better than sending it to the landfill, preventing food from being wasted in the first place is the best solution. By reducing food waste, we can also reduce the amount of resources lost in its production, processing and distribution.”

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Hammad Majeed

"Sustainability is now one of the most important strategic pillars for our client’s business. It is truly a top priority and becoming a core value of our day to day business."

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Davide del Brocco

“As the first Sustainability Chef in Canada I have discovered that the biggest thing in creating change is about starting a conversation. With a customer, client, co-workers, just people in general. That gets the ball rolling.”

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Eric Nielsen

“Small ideas that make a big impact are not things I want to shy away from – they are things I want to do more of. If I can get a lot of traction out of a relatively small investment like EndoCube, it helps make us strong partners for the lifespan of our contracts. It’s such a small risk to take for such a big reward.”

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Sarah hao xin Ng

“It’s a small thing that we’re doing but it’s good for us to keep up with the trends happening in our city and province and lead the way on reducing single-use item waste.”

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Pierre Henry Arsapin

"Our employees now recognize that they have a role to play in reducing food waste and they are part of the bigger plan ... one that is important to the CEO of Sodexo. I think this is the first time I have seen this alignment from the top of the company to the people on the front-line."

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