In preparation for the French Open, Sodexo works in close collaboration with the French Tennis Federation to completely transform the services offered to players, coaching staff, visitors and the international media.

Serving the French Tennis Federation with a full set of expertise

As part of our efforts to help make Roland-Garros the Grand Slam tournament of the year, our experts focus on the quality of life of participants and spectators. From the first qualifying rounds, the players, officials, and ball boys and girls get their first taste of the gourmet cuisine crafted by Sodexo nutritionists and Lenôtre chefs.
During the 3 weeks of competition, we prepare in average 60 different menus each day in order to serve 9500 daily meals. Two restaurants are exclusively dedicated to the players and serve about 800 champions, as well as their coaches and families. The referees, chair umpires and ball boys and girls, and also 1300 journalists from 198 countries can choose between 3 selfs, 6 bars et 2 groceries.

A team effort

Much like the players, our teams at Roland-Garros must perform at their highest level during the three-week tournament. More than 500 experts - purchasing and quality managers, logistics specialists, nutritionists, cooks, hostesses, tourism and seminar managers, and more - are carefully selected to form a team capable of meeting the exacting quality and performance standards of the French Open.

  • Place of the Musketeers

    Place of the Musketeers

    Place of the Musketeers at Roland Garros.

  • Players' restaurant

    Players' restaurant

    Redesigned players' restaurant.

  • Players' restaurant

    Players' restaurant

    Redesigned players' restaurant.

  • Guided tour of the Center Court

    Guided tour

    Guided tour of the Center Court.

  • Roland Garros Museum

    Roland Garros Museum

    Tennis rackets collection at the museum.

  • Conference room at Roland Garros

    Conference room

    Conference room at Roland Garros.

All year long

All year long, Sodexo manages and promotes the reception and meeting spaces at the venue as well as the French Tennis Federation Museum and behind-the-scenes tours of the stadium.

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