Design and construction

In many countries, university infrastructures are inadequate or in need of modernization. As a result, Sodexo know-how is increasingly sought to manage construction and renovation projects and to keep them on budget and on schedule.

Design and construction

Overseeing complex project management

Our engineers and technicians are responsible for project management from the design stage to the fittings and fixtures for classrooms, campus accommodations, gymnasiums, etc. Their expertise is especially in demand to design energy efficiency systems for buildings and interior organization and equipment.

In Thailand, the Asian Institute of Technology is becoming a “green” university, protecting and enriching the environment by creating botanical gardens, using biomass energy, setting up a wastewater treatment system and raising student awareness about natural conservation. Thanks to a strong partnership with Sodexo, AIT has transformed its campus to meet the school’s growth ambitions and enhance its image as a leader attracting students throughout Asia and from around the world.

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Energy savings

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Exceptional student experiences

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Sustainable campus

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University Lifestyle Survey


Every two years, Sodexo undertakes a ‘University Lifestyle Survey’ in the UK. In 2016, we have asked students from 148 universities to reflect directly on their quality of life and some of the key factors that influence this (accommodation, social life, health and wellbeing…).  Watch the video to discover the key findings.

Key Figures Schools

1,671 million euro in revenues

8% of Group revenues

8,1% of Group employees in the Schools segment

Source: Fiscal 2017 Registration Document