Energy savings

A large part of university budgets goes to energy expenditures. For institutions that often accommodate several thousand students, reducing energy consumption is a top priority.

Energy savings

Controlling consumption

Sodexo understands that lasting energy savings can be achieved more effectively through a comprehensive process than by a piecemeal approach. We have therefore engaged our experts to design innovative energy management systems to help our partners achieve their sustainability goals.

In the United Kingdom, Sodexo teams have enabled the University of Bradford to lower its natural gas and electricity consumption by 18 through the adoption of environmentally responsible best practices.

In the United States, at the Skidmore College, Sodexo developed and implemented a complete campus lighting retrofit, including projects using geothermal heating and cooling. These improvements qualified the College for LEED Certification. In a single year, between 2008 and 2009, the college reduced its electrical consumption by 4 while at the same time increasing its square footage.

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University Lifestyle Survey


Every two years, Sodexo undertakes a ‘University Lifestyle Survey’ in the UK. In 2016, we have asked students from 148 universities to reflect directly on their quality of life and some of the key factors that influence this (accommodation, social life, health and wellbeing…).  Watch the video to discover the key findings.

Key Figures Schools

1,671 million euro in revenues

8% of Group revenues

8,1% of Group employees in the Schools segment

Source: Fiscal 2017 Registration Document