Sustainable campus

In recent years, sustainable development has become a major concern at college and university campuses. Sodexo supports their proactive efforts to limit their environmental impact and enhance their image.

Sustainable campus

Reducing and recycling waste

Like all institutions today, universities are focused on reducing the amount of organic and non-organic waste they produce and are looking for solutions to encourage and facilitate recycling. Sodexo experts work with institutions to design and implement tangible solutions to help increase recycling to reduce impact on landfills.

At the George Mason University Southside Dining Complex, Sodexo implemented the Go Green program. This initiative recovers organic food waste and transforms it into compost, increases the use of biodegradable materials, promotes recycling of paper, glass, plastic and cooking oil and gives preference to local suppliers and organic products.

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Design and construction

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Energy savings

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Exceptional student experiences

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University Lifestyle Survey


Every two years, Sodexo undertakes a ‘University Lifestyle Survey’ in the UK. In 2016, we have asked students from 148 universities to reflect directly on their quality of life and some of the key factors that influence this (accommodation, social life, health and wellbeing…).  Watch the video to discover the key findings.

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Source: Fiscal 2017 Registration Document