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Food innovation isn’t just what students eat. It’s how food fits their lifestyle and improves their well-being. Likewise, Imagine by Sodexo’s food experiences are about much more than the food itself. Our diverse food options, paired with nutrition education, powers students to reach their full potential. We equip students with the knowledge and food experiences that fuel academic and athletic performance alike.  


From fast casual and cafes to special dining, our food and beverage providers are carefully selected to serve the unique needs of your community. Plus, our local Canadian team continually refreshes menus and services so your students and staff will always have access to fresh, new options. 

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Our Services

We support local and national brands that champion healthy, fresh and sustainable options to fit every student’s needs. Our food experiences bring people together and highlight diverse perspectives.

Food Experiences Fit for Greatness

Food for Every Occasion

Whether you’re celebrating Diwali, Christmas, or the Chinese New Year, our special events immerse your community in an authentic cultural experience through food, decor, and education. Outside of special occasions, we give your students and staff all the options they need to match their day, whether a quick bite between classes or a sit-down meal with friends.

Plant-based options with HSI

To meet the growing demand for plant-based options, we’ve partnered with Humane Society International to offer delicious and sustainable plant-based and vegan options. Through this offering, your community will also learn about the impact of their food choices and can be a part of building a more humane and sustainable food system.

Love of Food

Sodexo’s Love of Food celebrates the culinary expertise of our chefs, who draw from their diverse backgrounds to create both global and right-at-home flavours that both excite and satisfy your community. They embrace food trends and adapt to ever-changing palates. Plus, Love of Food is a space where chefs share their recipes and tips for those who want to learn more or try new flavours at home.

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Supporting Indigenous & Fair Trade businesses

Spirit Bear Coffee is Canada's first indigenous-owned and operated coffee company. We’re proud to offer Spirit Bear Coffee because they are committed to 100% Fair Trade and Certified Organic coffee, which means their beans are the highest quality, sustainably grown, and purchased at an equitable, ethical price. Spirit Bear shares Sodexo’s values of protecting people and our environment.

Choosing Local in Quebec

Aliment du Quebec makes it easy for students and staff to support local and try Quebec products. Aliments du Quebec au menu program recognizes restaurants and institutions that promote Quebec products on their menus. Whether discovering something new or sticking to a classic favourite, your community will have access to fresh, locally-sourced food.

Multi-Dimensional Programs

The Circuit

The Circuit for Imagine Higher Education supports and empowers student athletes through science-backed sports nutrition, technology and facilities management solutions. Whether a pre-game snack, or a clean, safe practice space, The Circuit ensures your student athletes have everything they need to stay at peak health and can perform their best — both in the classroom and on the playing field.

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Powering Performance

Powering Performance for Imagine Schools (K-12) is an innovative health and wellness programme that pairs fresh, exciting meals with nutrition education. Students learn how different foods can sustain them both physically and mentally, which means they’ll be empowered to make smart, healthy decisions today and in the future.

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Inspiring Greatness at York House School

For 11 years, Sodexo has served York House School, an all-girls K-12 day school in Vancouver, British Columbia. York House School students and staff alike enjoy the variety of hot meal options, plant-based and vegan foods, and the locally sourced ingredients. In addition, providing compostable, single-use products instead of plastic cutlery is important to support the community’s effort to fight climate change. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team was able to address the changing needs of York House School with food delivery to classrooms, Meals to Go, and simple cooking videos for those at home.

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Inspire Students to Reach their Potential

We aren’t an outsourced vendor; we are your partner in inspiring and engaging students to reach their full potential. Our teams become a part of your communities to create personalized student experiences, food options that fit every taste, and safe environments that enable each student to thrive. Explore our brochure to learn more.

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