Inspiring Greatness with Holistic Support

We know health and wellness is more about eating right and exercising—it’s about supporting all aspects of a student’s life. Empowering student wellness means providing food that will fuel them, experiences that encourage social connection, and safe, clean environments that inspire learning. Imagine by Sodexo’s dining and facilities management services help create personalized campus lifestyle experiences for students of all ages and needs. 


Our local teams get to know your students and ensure their unique nutrition needs are met, from diverse plant-based menus to allergy-friendly options. To promote social and mental wellness, we help you curate engaging programming and inviting environments to make every student feel valued and welcome.

Our Services

Our solutions address the full range of student needs to inspire greatness in both their personal lives and academic careers. Whether hosting engaging events or serving up food that fits their lifestyle, we’re committed to ensuring students have everything they need to reach their full potential.

Personalized Support for Your Diverse Community

Menu identifiers for every diet

Your students and staff will never have to second guess whether a menu option fits their dietary needs or lifestyle. Our menu identifiers are easily recognizable everywhere food is served. From vegan or gluten-free to Halal or Kosher, we’ll serve your community the food they want and give them the peace of mind that it fits their specific needs.


Mindful is a proprietary approach used by our executive chefs and registered dieticians to create delicious and nutritious recipes that cater to diverse preferences. We focus on transparency of ingredients, satisfying portions, and flavours for every palate. With Mindful, making healthy choices for your community will become second nature.

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Love of Food

Sodexo’s Love of Food celebrates the culinary expertise of our chefs, who draw from their diverse backgrounds to create both global and right-at-home flavours that both excite and satisfy your community. They embrace food trends and adapt to ever-changing palates. Plus, Love of Food is a space where chefs share their recipes and tips for those who want to learn more or try new flavours at home.

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Multi-Dimensional Programs

Tech that Keeps Your Community a Step Ahead

Inspire Students to Reach their Potential

We aren’t an outsourced vendor; we are your partner in inspiring and engaging students to reach their full potential. Our teams become a part of your communities to create personalized student experiences, food options that fit every taste, and safe environments that enable each student to thrive. Explore our brochure to learn more.

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