At Sodexo, we value a fully inclusive work environment where every individual can thrive. Recognizing the potential of untapped talent, we welcome those with disabilities—both visible and invisible. We support our employees, through recruitment, engagement, development, and workplace adjustments,  ensuring they reach their full potential.

Sodexo’s global objective is for 100% of our workforce to have access to initiatives supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities by 2025. 

ADEPT (All Employees with a Disability Possess Talent)

ADEPT logoADEPT is dedicated to creating a more inclusive workplace that values the diverse talents of individuals with disabilities. Through education and awareness, we aim to foster acceptance and appreciation. Emphasizing inclusive hiring practices, ADEPT’s goal is to increase the representation of employees with disabilities at Sodexo, contributing to greater diversity and enriching our impact on clients, customers and communities.


Awareness Campaigns

Employee with disability speaking to managerWorld Down Syndrome Day and World Autism Awareness Month

Our employees highlight both World Autism Awareness Month in April and World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st. In addition to activities on-site during these events, we provide webinars and extensive resources on inclusive hiring, fostering an environment where every individual's talents are embraced and valued. 

Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day

Sodexo encourages all managers to take part as a mentor in Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day (DMD), a business-to-business collaboration focused on mentoring to remove barriers to employment for people with disabilities. Businesses are invited to participate in this unique opportunity that allows qualified individuals to experience the world of work, gain insight from mentors, build strategic partnerships and access a valuable talent pool. DMD takes place across Canada.

Portrait of Jill MorganBeing part of ADEPT is important to me because it provides a unique opportunity for advocacy. Through ADEPT, we help to raise awareness of the value and skills that hiring people with disabilities can provide.

-    Jill Morgan, Senior manager, Human resources and ADEPT Chair


Recruiting, Hiring and Accommodating People with Disabilities

Sodexo Canada works with organizations such as the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW) and Ready, Willing and Able to create an inclusive and accessible workplace and to ensure that the needs of our employees with disabilities are met. The CCRW assists Sodexo in managing accommodation and inclusion and provides us with customized solutions to improve our hiring and retention practices that will be more responsive to the future of work in Canada.



DuoEmploi logoDuoEmploi

The DuoEmploi program is an initiative implemented by the Conseil du Patronat du Québec (CPQ) and an association of specialized organisms for the employment of disabled persons that aim to foster a better integration in employment for people with disabilities. The initiative has allowed interns with disabilities to be welcomed and to experience an immersion in a company, including Sodexo.


Project search logoProject Search

Project SEARCH is a school-to-work transition program for youth with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Students are immersed in a host business and get over 700 hours of hands-on work experience geared to in-demand roles in the local labour market. Sodexo actively supports multiple Project SEARCH partnerships around the world, including Project SEARCH Toronto.




Sodexo regularly receives prizes and international recognition for its diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives.
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