For us, resource management begins with deploying innovative solutions, like food waste measurement technology, and implementing responsible alternatives, such as using eco-friendly packaging or redistributing food that would be otherwise discarded. To strengthen our commitment, we train our teams and our guests in sustainable practices and encourage our chefs and employees to be creative and pragmatic in their implementation of environmentally friendly methods.

WasteWatch, an effective solution to food waste

Graphic: food wasteFor us, fighting food waste is a daily commitment. We are the first global food services company to connect our financing to action to prevent food waste. The WasteWatch program and its intelligent waste-measurement technology make it easy for our teams to collect data on food waste in our restaurants and implement the operational and behavioural changes needed to eliminate waste produced by our kitchens or thrown out by our guests. With the help of our suppliers, clients, and customers, we are committed to collectively reducing our waste by 50%. We are making these figures public to bring a sense of urgency and motivate ourselves to continue to do better.

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Packaging and recycling
Reducing single-use plastic: a vital step for the environment

Emballage recyclable contenant des légumes

Containers, boxes, cups, bowls, utensils, packaging, bags, lids, straws, stirrers… Our daily lives, our landfills, and our oceans are filled with single-use plastics. To fight the growing pollution, we propose innovative, sustainable solutions for packaging and recycling.

We identified our single-use plastic items and offer reusable, natural bioplastic alternatives to our clients in 15 countries.

Single-use plastic reduction has also been included in our operational protocols to fight COVID-19. This approach prioritizes alternatives to plastic for single-use items, along with strict cleaning processes and sustainable packaging solutions in compliance with local health directives.

Working together

group of peopleWhether it’s during the ordering, storage, preparation, or serving process, we work with our teams, clients, and suppliers to reduce waste at all our sites. 

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A More Circular Approach contributes to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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