Respect, Recognition, Revenue Sharing, Representation

The four R's are important to Indigenous nations, and they are Respect, Recognition, Revenue Sharing and Representation.

Respect and Recognition often go hand in hand. Respect is to acknowledge that you are on Indigenous territories and Recognition is the understanding of Indigenous laws and practices that have been around since the beginning of time. The challenge is to work together, respecting who our Indigenous communities are and how they do things. It takes a lot of work to respect each other's laws and come together to create proactive solutions.

Revenue sharing is crucial. It's important to ensure we all prosper and can move forward in a mutually beneficial way.

Representation means that Indigenous women and men need to be present at all levels of decision making, from shovels in the ground, all the way up to the boardrooms.


Jonathan Kruger - Director of Indigenous Relations Sodexo Canada

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Erwin JoostenSodexo's relationships with our Indigenous partners and communities are directly tied to our goal of becoming an employer of choice, as well as a partner of choice for our clients.

Our Energy & Resources business has deep, long-standing partnerships with Indigenous groups and communities with whom we collaborate very closely, employing, training and developing community members to provide Quality of Life services.

That's why at Sodexo Canada, we are focused on growing and nurturing Indigenous talent for our Energy & Resources business.

- Erwin Joosten, Senior Vice President, Energy & Resources Canada.

Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR)

Sodexo Canada has been recognized by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) as a certified Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program company. Sodexo Canada has been recognized by the CCAB for two decades. Since the program’s introduction in 2001, PAR remains the premier corporate social responsibility program with an emphasis on Aboriginal relations.

Partnerships that enable growth, sustainability and shared synergies

Indigenous Talent

Supporting the growth of communities through our business partnerships includes hiring, training and developing Indigenous people. Sodexo Canada is committed to promoting and fostering a culture of diversity and equal opportunities and to provide inclusive workplaces everywhere we operate.

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Partnerships and Suppliers

We work with 84 Indigenous owned suppliers and 30 Indigenous communities to support local economic development and create mutually beneficial partnerships. Sodexo Canada is committed to developing, nurturing and increasing business relationships with Indigenous communities across Canada.

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