As a leading food service provider, we take pride in delivering culinary excellence, exceptional service and innovative catering programs that showcase our chefs' talent and expertise. From menu planning to retail, our end-to-end solutions deliver unparalleled efficiency. We are committed to providing customized food services that cater to your unique needs at every stage of daily life. Explore the culinary possibilities with us.

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Retail Solutions with Your Guests in Mind

Discover top-tier retail solutions tailored just for you. From grab-and-go options to specialized coffee solutions and smart vending, we understand that your food service needs are complex and ever-evolving. Our goal is to offer personalized services that adapt to the changing demands of your guests.

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Simply to Go by Sodexo

Simply to Go is a convenient grab-and-go retail solution with an extensive selection, including breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, bowls, snacks, and more. Featuring on-trend rotating choices designed to re-energize and refuel, these options are easily accessible at a moment’s notice.

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Scalable Coffee Solutions

Our scalable coffee solutions range from self-serve convenience to a full barista experience, adapting to your unique food service needs. We offer diverse, high-quality brews sourced from local roasters, promoting fair trade and supporting women and Indigenous-owned businesses.

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Smart Vending and Checkout Experiences

Our retail solutions are powered by the latest technology, including smart vending and AI-powered self-checkout, to deliver unparalleled innovation and convenience to your guests. Crafted for unmatched convenience, speed, and a seamless experience, it's personalized service without the lines.

Shaping Convenience with Micro Markets and AI-Powered Frictionless Stores

Our micro markets redefine on-site food services with personalized walk-in, walk-out experiences and diverse snacks and grab-and-go meals. Complementing traditional food services, our micro markets provide rotating menus, embracing seasonality and innovation in food offerings.

We’ve collaborated with industry leaders to introduce eat>NOW — our new AI-powered, premium micro-market solution. Fusing robotics and advanced AI, eat>NOW provides a 24/7 destination for fresh meals, snacks, groceries, and more. It’s frictionless shopping designed for the modern lifestyle.

Step into the future of convenience with our innovative solutions. 

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Everyday: Simplifying Food Ordering, Anytime, Anywhere

Our Everyday App transforms food ordering into an effortless experience. It's a bilingual, user-friendly solution that lets you seamlessly order meals on the go with its mobile-first design. Fast and efficient, it ensures a personalized approach, making it easy for users to navigate menus, place orders, and earn rewards 24/7. With features like speedy mobile payments and scan-and-go, it's tailored for quick, hassle-free service. 

The app is customizable and scalable, allowing you to select features that best fit your location, including self-service kiosks or scan-and-go integration. 

We're taking food ordering solutions to the next level. 

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Crafting Experiences with Customized On-Site Food Programs

Sodexo's food programs redefine culinary excellence, blending creativity with deep culinary knowledge. Our chefs craft healthy, made-from-scratch dishes that surpass expectations. From trending flavours to seasonal inspirations, we tailor menus to your guests' preferences. Elevate your food service offerings with a client-specific focus, ensuring convenience, customization, and connection in every bite.

Top Culinary Talents

Our talented chefs are at the heart of our success. From corporate food services to campus dining to patient nutrition, they blend personal influences, regional flavours and global trends to create exceptional food experiences. Our Global Chef Program & Chef Academy ensure a worldwide exchange of best practices, empowering our teams' culinary talents with a wealth of knowledge and skills.

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Showcasing Our Love of Food

Our Love of Food program is the cornerstone of our food service commitment. Innovation is ingrained in our culinary philosophy—welcoming change and adapting to evolving tastes. Featuring signature and celebrity chefs, our program offers comfort foods, modern twists and on-trend dishes. Our chefs create culinary memories that elevate the food services, wherever we operate.

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Mindful by Sodexo

Crafted by our executive chefs and registered dietitians, the Mindful program ensures transparency in ingredients, satisfying portions and flavours. As one of the largest employers of dietitians, we bring expertise to every recipe, helping guests make healthy choices every day. Mindful is a proprietary approach that combines health with great taste.

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Indigenous Cuisine

Crafted to honour Indigenous culture, our Indigenous Cuisine initiative is more than a program; it's a commitment. Collaborating with renowned Indigenous Chef Paul Natrall and others, we amplify Indigenous voices by offering diverse menu options and integrating authentic, healthy foods that celebrate cultural richness across our dining programs.

Read our Indigenous Reconciliation Report

A Focus on Sustainability

We're not just committed to sustainable food services; it's ingrained in our operations. From championing plant-based choices with Humane Society International to implementing technology for efficient waste reduction—our commitment is comprehensive. This dedication extends to responsible sourcing and strong bonds with local partners, not only enhancing sustainability and reducing costs.

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Sodexo’s Corporate Catering Services

Our corporate catering services go beyond great food. From in-office meetings to large-scale events, our dedicated team is committed to crafting successful experiences, leveraging extensive expertise that exceeds expectations. With flexibility in event planning, we cater to any size, scope, budget, dietary need or theme.

We transform your events into unforgettable moments.

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Transform Your Space with our Branded Concepts

Tailored to your clientele, these turnkey restaurant solutions include diverse themes, menus, marketing material and unique space design, delivering high-street food experiences directly to your location.

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Kitchen Works Co.

Recharge with Kitchen Works Co. — fast, fresh, and affordable food in a welcoming environment. Our menu offers a variety of balanced choices, from familiar favourites to global flavours. Guests enjoy on-the-go convenience and energizing meals, available whenever they need them. Kitchen Works Co. elevates the dining experience with value, variety, and speed.

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Modern Recipe

Reimagine workplace dining with Modern Recipe — all-day food for modern living. Our chefs curate fresh, diverse dishes rooted in a plant-based approach, providing high-street food experiences on-site. Prioritizing wellness and sustainability, we offer scalable formats, creating spaces that nurture well-being, engagement and collaboration without leaving the workplace.

Food Services for Your Industry

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Senior Living

Discover the future of care communities with our customizable resident dining programs designed for a new generation of seniors.

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Explore our range of scalable healthcare food services, providing convenient retail solutions and evidence-based patient nutrition.

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Discover tailored campus dining experiences designed around your students’ unique needs.

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Business and Industry

We help you create experiences that go beyond your employees’ expectations and fuel the future of corporate food culture.

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Energy & Resources

We empower the energy and resources sector with tailored food services, adapting seamlessly to remote locations with our customized solutions.

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Sodexo Live!

Fuel extraordinary moments with renowned chefs, seasonal menus and best-in-class service for unforgettable experiences no matter the venue.

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