Imagine by Sodexo works with you to create nutritious, delicious food experiences and the safe, welcoming learning environments that inspire students to nurture their inner greatness each day.

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Age-tailored solutions for every stage of the education journey

Start strong with Imagine Schools

Every grade level comes with new opportunities and challenges, and every student is unique. That’s why our K-12 services are backed by decades of experience to ensure student growth and well-being at every stage.

Imagine Schools

Level up with Imagine Higher Education

As students enter higher education, it’s essential to support their success with services that fit their new lifestyle. Whether studying on campus or off, our offerings keep students engaged, healthy and inspired.

Imagine Higher Education

Inspire Students to Reach their Potential

We aren’t an outsourced vendor; we are your partner in inspiring and engaging students to reach their full potential. Our teams become a part of your communities to create personalized student experiences, food options that fit every taste, and safe environments that enable each student to thrive. Explore our brochure to learn more.

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Make the Most of Each Opportunity

Every interaction is an opportunity for you to inspire students to do great things. That’s why we give you imaginative ideas and data-driven program innovations to make the most of each one.

Immersive, Innovative Food Experiences

Our food aims to engage and delight your community, build your reputation, and fit the unique lifestyles of both students and staff.

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Holistic Student Health & Well-Being

Services that focus on optimal health and wellness for your community, supporting their physical, mental and social needs.

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Facilities Management

We help create safe and healthy learning environments, so nothing stands in the way of student success.

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Campus & Home Convenience

Wholesome nutrition is the foundation for learning and growth. That’s why we ensure access to healthy food is quick and easy, even on the go.

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Events Support & Catering

Scalable services that create the best guest experience possible, whether a gala, conference or social gathering.

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Digital Engagement

Our advanced technologies deliver convenient, user-friendly options to enhance food ordering, customer service and communication.

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Every interaction is an opportunity for you to inspire students to do great things. Imagine by Sodexo makes everyday greatness possible with innovative and data-driven services, whether we are creating engaging educational experiences or immersive food offerings. We are your local Canadian team that’s intimately familiar with your learning community, but also leverages expansive global resources.