Every Senior Care community needs a high level of expert support. A team that can streamline processes, boost performance, improve efficiency and truly connect with Seniors. A team like Sodexo.

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Sodexo’s Services

Resident Dining

Delivering resident-first dining experiences across the care spectrum: long-term care, independent living, assisted living, memory care, and retirement homes. As your partner, we’ll create a custom plan for your community.

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Clinical Nutrition

Sodexo provides Registered Dietitian (RD) services. Sodexo’s RDs are responsible for clinical and nutritional care duties for residents. Our Registered Dietitians have access to a wealth of support and resources through our Clinical Nutrition Library including: Clinical Programs, Research Publications, Case Studies, Best Practices, Resident Education Materials and Resident Satisfaction Tools

Environmental Services

As a contributor to your residents’ health, we value, above all, their well-being and safety. At the same time, we know it is important for residents to be able to welcome guests into a fresh, clean home. Our staff training emphasizes sensitivity to your resident’s needs and requests. They do what it takes to provide residents with a comforting, inviting home environment.

Preventative Disinfection

Our proactive, comprehensive program reduces infection exposure risks to keep your residents and staff safe. Adhering to provincial Infection Prevention and Control guidance, our unique program is built on three core components (Prevention, Disinfection, and Pulsed UV (PX -UVC) Technology) and utilizes hospital-grade disinfectants.

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In the moments that matter most, its people that make the difference

Sodexo is known for world-class senior hospitality services. Our team of experts provide a customized solution through a collaborative partnership with your senior living community. We operate in over 700 sites in Canada, including some of the country's largest and complex hospitals and senior living homes.

The world’s population is rapidly ageing. This is a huge challenge for senior care providers. They need to respond to seniors’ growing needs in a competitive environment and to create uplifting environments for seniors that will help them live life to the fullest. Sodexo can help.

People Who Care Deeply

By creating personal connections and positive interactions we become an integral part of your community experience. We work together as one team to fulfill your mission for exceptional senior lifestyles and care. Our ability to attract well-qualified employees ensures their deep commitment to creating high quality experiences for seniors. They ​are empowered to connect with residents on an individual level which results in uniquely deeper relationships and a more engaged team.

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Why we do what we do?

Our goal is to elevate the moments of senior life, together. As your partner in creating great dining and hospitality experiences, we leverage our global senior’s expertise to continuously bring the best in enhancing your performance and delivering exceptional commitment, day after day. Doing more to move your community forward is what drives us, achieved by a team who cares deeply about making life better every day. People are at the heart of Sodexo.

Serving the Opportunities and Challenges of Senior Living

We understand the challenges you face every day. More importantly, we have proven expertise and resources to help you transform them into possibilities for improvement and achievement.

We Can Be Stronger Together

Your go-to partner in elevating the senior experience every day

Together, we can create great dining and hospitality programs and continuously find new ways to exceed the expectations of your residents, while strengthening your position as you move your community forward. When you partner with us, you gain a share of our industry-leading purchasing power. This means we can give you unmatched scalability, capacity and value throughout your operations.

Benefits of partnering with Sodexo

We believe outsourcing should be a helpful partnership that improves performance and cost-effectively delivers on your promises to residents, guests and employees. That is why we fully integrate into your culture and brand, creating cohesive community experiences.