Montreal, June 28, 2021 – After working for more than nine months on the design and conceptualization of its new office with L’Abri, Vives St-Laurent and Modulor, Sodexo Canada is proud to present its new location today. With the goal of becoming a hub for support teams and employees from various sites, the Montreal HQ was designed with three fundamental principles in mind: ensuring the well-being of employees, valuing local partners and suppliers, as well as facilitating employee training.


Prioritizing employee wellness

To best meet the needs of its employees, Sodexo chose a Bcorp space that is environmentally conscious and green to promote the wellbeing of its occupants. The design of the new office was inspired by the highest standards to ensure the well-being and health of the users and puts people at the heart of the design. The architects therefore paid great attention to the quality of the air, water, and light to create a comfortable, bright, and natural space that contribute to a healthy and calm work environment. They also designed a space dedicated to yoga and meditation.


Local partners and suppliers

The Sodexo teams worked with a number of suppliers to build an office that reflects their values. In perfect harmony with their values, they chose local partners for everything from the architect and audiovisual equipment to the plants that decorate the spaces.


A semi-commercial hybrid kitchen designed for remote training

To put its expertise to work and to offer its employees and clients a unique experience, Sodexo has created a semi-commercial hybrid kitchen in its new headquarters. This unique kitchen is fully equipped for Sodexo chefs to test their new recipes and provide on-site or virtual training to all employees across Canada.

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