Next-Generation In-Seat Ordering at BC Place

Published on : 11/22/21
  • Overview

    BC Place and Sodexo Live! have recently introduced the next level of in-seat food and beverage service for fans in the 1,300-seat premium Club Seat area for Whitecaps MLS games, BC Lions CFL games, and all events at the leading entertainment venue in British Columbia. In-seat ordering allows fans to order food and drinks right to their seat. They simply scan the code on their armrest, order from their mobile device and then enjoy!

    The Next-Generation in Food Service

    With over 40 concessions and an extensive menu that ranges from stadium classics to locally inspired fare- the goal is to provide an outstanding dining experience. Guests can browse the full Club Lounge menu, order food and drink items using the virtual cart, and submit payment without registering or downloading an app. The user experience is seamless and 100% cashless. Orders are sent straight to the nearest Club Lounge kitchen, where the culinary team will prepare the order and notify you when it’s ready for pick up or serve you directly in your seat.  


    The Ready Program

    The Ready program allows iPhone customers to scan a QR code located on the seatback in front of them or on the concourse with their camera app. That QR code flips the mobile ordering process on its head, by launching a menu straightaway. And since every QR code comes embedded with data, when a fan orders and pays via Apple Pay or Google Pay, our runners know exactly which seat the order came from, delivering the order in minutes - a matter of how fast we can walk it to you.

    Paul McArdle, General Manager at BC Place says:

    When people see it, there is definitely a wow factor. Fans see the people next to them using it, and it spreads throughout the crowd quickly. We see people sit down and open their phone right away and order food. By the time they get settled, the food comes.


    The Results

    Sodexo Live! Continues to look at ways to streamline their processes allowing fans to enjoy the event and pass the lineups. Sodexo Live! has also converted order takers in the section to runners, getting food to fans quicker. And with a busy concourse at half time any fans they can keep in their seats and out of the concourse eases congestion and keeps everyone happier and safer in the 54,500-seat venue. Further, there is no app download required, eliminating another significant barrier to participate.

    Add in that an in-seat order is, on average, 40 percent higher than the average order and excitement has continued to grow around Ready, at both BC Place and at the nearby Vancouver Convention Centre space where Ready will soon expand to allow for at-table wine ordering.

    As well, the Ready program spans the 1,500 club seats at BC Place, but there are plans for future expansion. Already the solution has seen, on average, an incredible 26 percent adoption rate — compared to the 1 – 1.5% for similar programs at NFL stadiums. 

    Visitors and guests are blown away by how simple and easy the app is to use! With 100% digital payments are now safer, faster and easier. The cashless payment trend has been on the rise for several years and COVID-19 has been the catalyst for this trend to stay. This next-generation innovation is sure to be a breakthrough inspiration for future mobile ordering solutions and Sodexo Live! is proud to be a part of the journey. 

    This video walks you through the experience.

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