At Sodexo Canada, our culinary experts are the driving force behind innovation, social responsibility, and the joy of creating unforgettable dining experiences through food. That is why we have created Beyond the Plate – a movement to celebrate these culinary heroes who not only lead our kitchens but also shape the future of dining experiences within Sodexo’s Food Services. 

Each year, our employees have an opportunity to nominate chefs they believe deserve recognition for their dedication, remarkable skills, and profound impact on our culinary world. 

Winners will be announced the week leading up to International Chef’s Day, on October 20th.


Beyond the Plate Nominees

Meet our nominated chefs, each an inspirational figure in Sodexo’s culinary universe. Nominees are experts in flavours and presentation, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leaders, sustainability champions, and those known for their influential leadership styles. 

Meet the Nominees
grid with portrait of eight chefs

Beyond the Plate 2023 Winners

And the winners are...

Portrait of male chef smiling

Gold Winner - Chef Kenneth Webster

Chef Kenneth Webster, aka Chef Ken, is the executive chef and general manager at a corporate office in Ontario and has been with Sodexo for 15 years.

Learn more about Chef Ken's career!
Portrait of a male chef looking at the camera in his kitchen

Silver Winner - Bhupendra Rana

Chef Bhupendra Rana, aka Chef Rana, is the executive chef at a children’s hospital in Ontario and has been with Sodexo for just over three years.

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Portrait of female chef wearing dark-rimmed glasses

Bronze Winner - Chef Debbie Kopf

Chef Debbie Kopf is a sous chef at a university campus in Nova Scotia, with a career spanning 35 years.

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