Sustainability Champion Spotlight: Kenneth Webster

Published on : 5/14/21
  • Kenneth Webster

    • Time with Sodexo: 11 years
    • Location: Mississauga, Ontario
    • Industry: Corporate Services
    • Role: Executive Chef/General Manager
    • Team: 13 employees

    Kenneth is an Executive Chef and General Manager that believes in sustainability as a necessity and not an option. He and his team on site have been working with the client and customers for a couple of years now to improve their impact on the environment focusing on initiatives to stop food waste, manage their waste stream efficiently and eliminate disposables, just to mention a few. 

    He feels very proud about the beverage program on site: an infuse water station at the cafeteria that not only offers customer some delicious, flavoured water, but that encourages customers to use their reusable water bottles and to eliminate single use plastics from the equation. Pre-pandemic, his team would host catering events and promote leftovers in eco-friendly containers at the end of the event. 

    On site, there is very little waste, only eco-friendly take-out containers and no plastic water bottles. 

    “I love to spend a lot of time outdoors, camping and fishing, and at camp sites I always leave it cleaner than I found it. That’s how I envision my life on this planet. I want to leave it a little better than how I got it”

    Ever since he was a cook apprentice, he has been very conscious when it comes to food waste and has shared this value with his team on site and with his family at home. During the past year, he has had some time to step back, engage in some sustainability trainings with Sodexo, and have more time to think about his eating habits and his true impact. He says that this sustainability vision at work has help him make some great changes at home.

    As a Sustainability Champion, my role is to inspire others, to spread the message that being sustainable can have a positive impact on your costs, on your efficiency and in the environment. It all goes hand in hand.

    “If you want to start a sustainability initiative on site, just be vocal about it. We have an inspiring sustainability team, lots of options and partnerships. Never be silent about something you are passionate about, especially when it comes to protecting the environment.”

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