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We Expand Our Reach and Values with Diverse Suppliers

We believe that diversity benefits us all in numerous ways, from ensuring greater equality and better ideas, to opening new markets and contacts.

“Sodexo takes pride in being a beacon for inclusion in the 67 countries in which we operate by providing respectable jobs with training and a career path for people who might otherwise feel left behind. We also actively seek to bring diverse and small, local businesses into our network of suppliers, with a special focus on businesses owned by minorities, indigenous, women, people with disabilities, the LGBT community and veterans.”  

          – Denis Machuel, Chief Executive Officer of Sodexo

Commitment to Diversity

Sodexo made a public commitment to building an inclusive supply chain around the world as part of our Better Tomorrow Plan. We actively recruit diverse businesses, educate Sodexo employees on our contracting goals, and provide a database for registered and certified diverse and small businesses.

Sodexo annually tracks metrics defined by steering committees in each region. To support our local communities, we globally have committed to spend 25% of our purchases with SME businesses with a focus on local and diverse by 2025.

This page will help you get connected by registering as a small and diverse supplier.

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How We Define Small/Medium and Diverse Suppliers

In order to qualify as a SME (Small or Medium Enterprise) or Diverse Supplier, you must be 51% Owned and controlled in Canada as a permanent resident or citizen. A supplier must be at least one of the following: woman, minority, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, person with a disability, veteran. A Small and Medium Supplier does not need to be diverse but is required to have 1 to 499 employees within Canada.

Next step, identify your business as a potential Diverse supplier or SME by registering with us. We are actively seeking suppliers for special projects, RFPs and innovative products and services. We have dedicated resources and staff to help you register and certify your supplier in our portal.


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