Using Tech to Inspire Community Engagement

Your food offerings, programming, and events are only successful when your students seize the opportunities and experience all the things your campus offers. How can you ensure your students and staff will participate?  


Our digital engagement solutions use the latest technology innovations to ensure your community stays up to date on campus activities, meal options, and special promotions. We deploy loyalty programs to keep students coming back for more and feedback platforms to ensure open communication and continual improvement. Students have easy access to what they need, when they need it, which means less time worrying about what’s for dinner and more time to focus on what matters most.

Our Services

From one-tap digital ordering to robot food delivery, our technology solutions keep up with the fast-paced campus lifestyle and meet students where they are. We pride ourselves on seamless tech integrations and programs specifically designed for engagement. 

Solutions Fit for the Student Lifestyle

Loop by Benbria

Loop is an omnichannel platform that gathers real-time feedback from your community members. The platform provides several options for feedback, such as physical tablet, email or text, to meet the needs of customers with different communication preferences. Likewise, you can respond back to those who have given feedback, closing the “loop” and making sure your students feel heard.

The Everyday App

The Everyday App gives students the ability to securely order and pay ahead, explore menus and nutrition information, and receive personalized promotions. Mobile ordering provides your campus community with the opportunity to order from the convenience of their desk, between classes, or anywhere else on campus and receive an alert when their food is ready and skip those lines.

Kiwibot Food Delivery

Kiwibot is an autonomous food delivery robot that can be added as a delivery option on your campus and integrated into your school’s mobile ordering apps. Students and staff will enjoy this on-demand, contactless option that quickly and safely delivers whatever they are craving at any hour of the day.

Multi-Dimensional Programs

The Circuit

The Circuit for Imagine Higher Education supports and empowers student athletes through science-backed sports nutrition, technology and facilities management solutions. Whether a pre-game snack, or a clean, safe practice space, The Circuit ensures your student athletes have everything they need to stay at peak health and can perform their best — both in the classroom and on the playing field.

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Powering Performance

Powering Performance for Imagine Schools (K-12) is an innovative health and wellness programme that pairs fresh, exciting meals with nutrition education. Students learn how different foods can sustain them both physically and mentally, which means they’ll be empowered to make smart, healthy decisions today and in the future.

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Inspire Students to Reach their Potential

We aren’t an outsourced vendor; we are your partner in inspiring and engaging students to reach their full potential. Our teams become a part of your communities to create personalized student experiences, food options that fit every taste, and safe environments that enable each student to thrive. Explore our brochure to learn more.

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