Facilities that Fuel Greatness

Your campus spaces are places where learning happens, games are played, food is enjoyed, and life-long connections are made. We don’t just manage your facilities; we truly take care of them. In fact, we take care of over 271 million square feet of spaces across Canada.   


With decades of experience in cleaning, groundskeeping, and master planning, our team knows how to create and maintain a variety of environments, including ice rinks, pools, playing fields, labs, classrooms, fitness facilities, kitchens, and more.

Our Services 

From the fields to the classroom, our facilities management solutions create safe environments where your students can enjoy distraction-free learning and confidently practice the sports they love.

Cleaning Your Community Can Count On


Clean4 Infection Control is a comprehensive, proactive sanitation approach that achieves a new level of cleanliness and safety for your campus community. Our proprietary training and science-backed cleaning solutions reduces pathogens by up to 99% in high-traffic areas like restrooms, locker rooms, and water fountains.


Avidbots’ Neo 2 is a fully autonomous floor-scrubbing robot that allows you to track and optimize cleaning for quality, consistency and efficiency. Neo also provides visibility into your water consumption and cleaning product use to help you minimize waste. Your labour workforce can be reallocated to value-added functions that create clean, safe and welcoming environments for your students.

Multi-Dimensional Programs

360-Degree Solutions at Acadia University

At Acadia University, we provide facilities management solutions that create safe, healthy learning environments so nothing gets in the way of student success. From cleaning and sanitation to landscaping and groundskeeping, our services have led to increased energy efficiency, cost savings, and pollution prevention at Acadia.

Tech that Keeps Your Community a Step Ahead

Inspire Students to Reach their Potential

We aren’t an outsourced vendor; we are your partner in inspiring and engaging students to reach their full potential. Our teams become a part of your communities to create personalized student experiences, food options that fit every taste, and safe environments that enable each student to thrive. Explore our brochure to learn more.

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