Sodexo delivers the best possible health care experience to patients, their families and medical professionals. Through our customized solutions from over 100 services, we improve the quality of care and create a healing environment.  

Go Above and Beyond

Infection Control

Patient comfort and safety are paramount to us. We combine tools and technology with research to prevent and contain infections.

Food as Therapy

The right foods can assist healing. Our comprehensive nutrition management system allows us to tailor meals to each patient’s treatment, medical and nutritional needs and personal preferences.

Critical Details

Sodexo takes care of fine details so clinicians can focus on their work. From patient portering to call centre management, from equipment maintenance to landscaping, we deliver a range of solutions to maximize patient comfort and safety, operational efficiency, and the reliability of equipment and facilities.

Sodexo is Everywhere

Take a look at how we create a healing environment.

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