Indigenous History and Culture Training

Published on : 5/31/22
  • Our Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation

    In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada's Call to Action #92, Sodexo is proud to announce the launch of its new Indigenous History and Culture training developed in collaboration with Reconciliation Education and the First Nations University of Canada.

    The three-hour course, titled “Indigenous Peoples of Canada: History, Culture and Reconciliation,” is mandatory for all salaried employees of Sodexo Canada and is meant to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees, clients and partners alike.

    Creating Awareness Through Education

    Sodexo Canada has a deep, long-standing relationship with Indigenous partners and communities across the country. For over two decades, we have been recognized by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) as a certified Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program company.

    In addition to Sodexo’s community engagement and business development commitments, our leadership also supports the Council for Indigenous People (CIP). This employee network group provides access to resources, professional development and support systems to Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees.

    Sodexo Canada and CIP believe that the key to fostering reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and helping us to reshape a better future together is through education and awareness of Indigenous history and perspectives. Thus, the CIP and Sodexo Canada’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) team have offered workshops, short trainings and webinars for many years, though none was mandatory nor offered a certificate of completion. This three-hour multimedia e-learning program is the first of its kind in the DE&I employee training library.


    A Curriculum Centered Around Reconciliation

    Sodexo Canada collaborated with Reconciliation Education and the First Nations University of Canada to build this course in alignment with our Indigenous relations commitments. The “Indigenous Peoples of Canada: History, Culture and Reconciliation” training teaches the history and culture of Indigenous peoples with an emphasis on the impact of colonialism, the realities of the residential school system in Canada, as well as the possibility of social and economic growth in the future through reconciliation. It brings awareness to the experiences of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people throughout history and the present day, which is central to the understanding of our history as Canadian people.

    The 10-module course covers topics such as:

    • The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and Call to Action #92
    • The historical and contemporary challenges faced by Indigenous peoples
    • Truth and reconciliation in the workplace
    • The ongoing impact of colonialism, the residential school system, and the Indian Act

    This training can be completed at the learner’s pace and provides a mix of learning tools such as slideshows, videos, films and quizzes. A video library is provided at the end of the course for continued learning opportunities. A certificate of completion from First Nations University of Canada is earned upon completion of this course.

    In collaborating with Reconciliation Education and customizing this comprehensive training from the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation course, we were able to benefit from a library of award-winning films and a multitude of interactive content in both French and English.

    Andrée Cazabon, Director - Reconciliation Education says:

    It is an honour to join Sodexo on its ongoing journey towards truth and reconciliation with the First Nations University of Canada and the online employee course, "4 Seasons of Reconciliation’’. In gratitude to Sodexo for paving the way for others to join you on this path and chi-meegwetch for your unwavering commitment, and solidarity throughout decades.

    Moving Forward

    An adapted version of this training is in the works for all frontline employees. Given the nature of the work on the field, this version comprises short videos to be shared in group huddles led by managers and supervisors.

    Jonathan Kruger, Director of Indigenous Affairs, Western Canada, says:

    Reconciliation is hard work. Courses like this will help move toward better relationships and better partnerships for all Canadians. It made me feel so good that my colleagues over these last few weeks have come out to me and said they took the course and have learned so much and want to learn more. That is a good sign.

    Since its launch in December of 2021, over 90% of employees have completed the course, with many proudly displaying their certificates of completion on their social media. This course opens the door to mutual understanding, stronger relationships and an openness to curiosity and learning.

    Learn more about our relationship with Indigenous communities.