Consumer-centric technology improving lives of remote workers

Published on : 5/12/21
  • Staying away from home for work can be tough.

    Research suggests that there is a negative impact of work-family conflict on psychological safety and psychological wellbeing.

    People who work on remote sites usually stay away from home for work for 2 – 6 weeks at a time, depending on the location of the site, usually working long 12-hour shifts throughout their stay. Although each worker will have the company of colleagues, they will not be able to physically see their family and friends from home until their next period of leave.

    Ensuring the world’s supply of energy in a crisis

    Whether on a mine site in Australia or an offshore platform in the North Sea, critical remote site workers have continued to ensure the world’s supply of energy despite the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    To keep remote site workers safe, we adjusted the way we deliver our services to incorporate additional disinfection and distancing measures whilst our global supply chain ensured continuous access to the critical items remote site workers need to operate safely, like PPE and sanitization products.

    In additional to this, through our MyWay app, we’ve found a way to make life easier and more connected for workers living and working on remote sites.

    Technology delivering an end-to-end worker experience 

    my way app screensOur MyWay app has been introduced at locations in Australia, UK, Canada and Chile so far. The user-friendly app is available in 24 languages and has been purposely designed to improve the experience of living and working on remote sites, starting before a worker has left their home. 

    The app provides a direct and easy channel of communication to workers keeping them up to date with real-time information, including Covid-19 updates and procedures as well as being able to access services such as gym & wellness programs, activities and events that helps keep them engaged and fosters a sense of community.

    By introducing multiple contactless services, including contactless payment, through the app, our Sodexo teams around the world have been able to support remote site workers at this challenging time whilst also reducing touchpoints and without compromising safety.

    Key features of the MyWay app:

    Before arriving on site, residents can check in to their accommodation, activate an electronic room key and complete their site inductions and on their departure, they can check out, deactivating their room key.

    With the ability to personalize their experience the app enables residents to plan their stay, easing the transition back to work and allowing them to make the most of their time on site, via following features:

    • View details of facility opening times, articles, key updates and contact information.
    • Contactless dining made easy.
      • View menus and daily specials including nutritional and allergen information which are updated in real-time.
      • Update food preferences to customize your view.
      • Pre-order, and contactless payment for food and drink with click and collect, click and deliver and pre-pay to enjoy on site.
    • Activities at your fingertips.
      • Book health and fitness classes and meeting rooms.
      • View the schedule of any planned events, register interest, book and add an event to a personal calendar.
    • Scan onto a Bus
      • Using a personalised QR Code 
    • And if there are any maintenance issues with accommodation, they can be raised in app complete with a photo upload functionality and tracking of progress resolution.

    Designed and built as a modular solution, the app can be adapted and customised to meet our client’s needs.

    A contactless solution to improve employee engagement

    Whilst designed with the needs of resident remote site workers in mind, the insights gained from the MyWay app are hugely useful to clients too. Our clients can choose to push out surveys to residents via the app to track their employee wellbeing and engagement and can use the app as a communication tool to update everyone on site with important safety information quickly. 

    The app can also capture workers’ feedback and measure consumer satisfaction which can be used to deliver improvements on site and assist to enhance employee engagement. The real-time visibility of feedback and maintenance issues also provides valuable data and insights enabling us to work together with our clients to continuously improve service delivery.

    60,000 people are currently using the app across 29 locations in 5 countries. The app is planned to be introduced at a further 32 locations across an additional 5 countries before the end of 2021. 96% of feedback on sites is now received via the MyWay app and on average of 61% of residents at a site are using the app.

    At a time when remote workers could be feeling very isolated, not only from their loved ones but their colleagues and fellow professionals whilst at work, MyWay connects all touch points of the journey ensuring it goes smoothly and seamlessly.

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