A safe place to live and work

A safe place to live and work

Maintaining a healthy, safe environment has always been a priority for Sodexo. It is an absolute necessity for remote sites, where living and working conditions are inherently difficult.

Quality Hygiene Safety Environment: a priority

On land and at sea, Sodexo strives to guarantee optimal hygiene and safety for its employees and clients in the oil and gas and mining industries as well as for engineering and construction companies.

To achieve this, we have defined rigorous standards and training tools and maintain a high level of performance using recognized methods. We also rely on the quality of our network of Quality Hygiene Safety and Environment (QHSE) specialists throughout the world.

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Our recognized hygiene and safety policy

Our strong commitment and professionalism in the area of QHSE is widely recognized and our operations are regularly awarded. In 2012, for example, our team members on the Hibernia offshore platform received the ExxonMobil Canada President’s Award and the HMDC Environmental Recognition Award for developing a better workplace.

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