Discover our systematic approach to operate safely, developed by our team of experts in safety, well-being and productivity. 

Sodexo was made for this moment – Supporting people in need is in our DNA

Never has a focus on quality of life been so important. Fortunately, we built our mission around this over 50 years ago. Today, our responsibility is to work with our clients to build resilient, inclusive and sustainable communities that preserves quality of life.

How we can help – What is rise with Sodexo?

We have the unsurpassed global experience, team and uninterrupted resources to ensure your business or organization operations run smoothly, while also keeping a keen eye on seizing opportunities.  

Sodexo has created a systematic and comprehensive approach to help you prepare for and implement changes to your daily operations. We call it rise with Sodexo. Our unique program customized to the precise needs of each individual client, prioritizing safety, wellbeing, and productivity so everyone can get back to the business of living.

Verify the Safety of Your Operations

Confidence is critical, which is why Sodexo has partnered with Bureau Veritas and created the Rise Safe program to verify the safety of your operation before your employees and consumers walk in the door. 


Sodexo's approach is informed by our Medical Advisory Council comprised of experts in infection prevention, epidemiology, family medicine, behavioural science, occupational health, nutrition and clinical operations. To ensure transparency and promote safety, Sodexo introduces the Rise SAFE hygiene verification label in partnership with Bureau Veritas.

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Research and Insights

PREPARE to reopen with confidence

We’ll take you through our clear operating framework – a systematic approach, customized to the unique requirements of your organization, to help your teams work safely and confidently. You’ll have access to Sodexo’s proprietary process developed from our data and experience reopening businesses and organizations around the world after the COVID-19 shutdowns.


Site reopening process | Risk assessment consulting | Welcome back to work packages

PROTECT your team’s health and safety

Our top priority is the security of all employees, consumers and the communities we serve. It is essential that buildings and workspaces remain healthy and safe for everyone, while also paying attention to the impacts on productivity, emotions and morale created by new measures.  


Disinfection cleaning | Changes to support social distancing | Contactless services | Usage guidance for PPE & hazardous products | Central waste solutions | Touchless technologies | Hygiene stations | HVAC maintenance

ENABLE a healthy balance

It’s vital to consider the whole employee experience, striking a new balance to help everyone stay happy, safe, healthy and focused. Facilitate faster and easier access to delicious, nourishing food choices at a proper physical distance.


Convenience and grab & go | Digital retail and digital services | Crafted hot beverages | Convenience retail | New shopping experiences | Mobile ordering

SUPPORT through wellness services

Your people need to be supported, encouraged and connected to one another. Creating culture and community is a long-game and is needed now more than ever. We help you support and encourage your people, keeping them connected and productive. 


Health and wellbeing live meetups

OPTIMIZE physical spaces

Even though collaboration may not look the same, it can’t be stopped. Wx, a startup collaborating with Sodexo, provides trustworthy advice and support from experienced experts to optimize your physical spaces. We can help you analyze how much space and what type of space you need, as well as improve sustainability and performance.  


Space management | Energy management | Services for the next normal | Workplace technology by Wx | Workplace consulting by Wx

What happens next?

We’re a team dedicated to the spirit of rising to the challenge, evolving our work to help you achieve your goals and exceed expectations. As we begin to build your customized plan, your Sodexo team will work with you to define governance, review your data to identify opportunities, conduct a risk assessment and define critical activities that will help you to operate safely. Even after all your people return (or perhaps they never left) Sodexo will support you and your organization with contactless services and disinfection services, providing regular reporting on work completion, inspections conducted, incidents and risks identified.

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