Striking a New Balance of Health and Safety

As COVID-19 has changed how the world operates, Sodexo is unlocking new solutions today to create a safe future together. That means supporting hospitals around the world and delivering resources to enhance the lives of their care teams, patients and communities. Our food options offer a convenient and trusted option for your staff in the face of COVID, allowing them to focus on their patients and loved ones.

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Go Above and Beyond

Protected, Pre-packaged & Delicious

Our carefully crafted menus include pre-packaged foods that limit exposure risk, following careful safety precautions. Our sealed food options create a safe, quick, convenient experience.

Contactless Digital Ordering Solutions

Proprietary, scalable apps that are customizable for your IT needs help you make it easier for your employees to pre-order and pay for food in a contactless environment. Your care teams' time is precious; the ease and assurance of a safe meal, when they need it, is a necessity.

Grab & Go for Work & Home

Facilitate faster and easier access to delicious, nourishing food choices when your staff needs it most. Pre-packaged meals and on-site grocery store options save them time and stress when it comes to their nutrition.

Social Distancing Guidelines

In addition to optimizing spaces and the operations therein, we now apply physical distancing support throughout your dining areas and convenience stores.

A safer approach to healthcare retail

What it does

Eliminating self-serve areas, like salad bars, reduces the spread of viruses and bacteria. Grab & Go meals and snacks are a quick way to get in and out – reducing the time exposed to others in the cafeteria, while also offering staff more time to enjoy their food.

What’s in it for you

Keep staff and visitors safe, pure and simple.

How it works

Meals and snacks are pre-made and pre-packaged by Sodexo employees following proper PPE and food prep procedures and put into displays for low-contact access.

Your essential partner in providing for your patients

While hospitals are one of the few facilities that have remained open since COVID-19, they have had to evolve and adapt just as much as every other business, and more. To ensure the safety of your patients, staff and community, Sodexo has launched a menu that provides patients with a delicious meal that meets their nutritional needs and addresses current safety concerns.

Patient Nutrition
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