Sodexo’s Global Culinary Report is an annual expression of our Love of Food, offering a glimpse into current food trends and culinary insights within our global community. It celebrates culinary excellence that transcends borders. 

As leaders in the food service industry, we proudly showcase our chefs' dedication and skill, shaping dining experiences globally. Explore the flavours and innovations that define Sodexo’s culinary landscape, and gain insights that extend beyond the plate as we actively shape the future of food.

The 2024 Global Culinary Report

In this edition of Sodexo’s Global Culinary Report, explore remarkable achievements and the positive impact of our teams, showcasing dedication, creativity, and a commitment to excellence. From plant-based delights to sustainability, our chefs craft dishes that inspire. Delve into these culinary stories for insights into our Love of Food.

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Past Editions

The 2023 Edition

Inside the 2023 Culinary Report, you’ll find stories about our chef’s growing desire for wellness offerings and technology that deliver convenience for our guests. In this era of rapid change, see the exciting opportunities we embraced to evolve and expand our culinary offerings!

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The 2022 Edition

The 2022 Culinary Report includes stories of our sustainable seafood efforts, our research initiatives with partners through the Future Food Collective, as well as profiles of our talented chefs who bring extraordinary skill, passion— and joy! — to our restaurants and services.

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The 2021 Edition

In the 2021 edition, we celebrated the resilience, compassion and determination of our chefs. Facing unprecedented challenges in 2020, they still managed to showcase their culinary excellence with sustainability and plant-based innovations. See how their initiatives evolved our menu strategy and offered environmentally friendly options.

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The 2020 Edition

In the 2020 Culinary Report, we delve into the kitchens of our acclaimed chefs, including Michelin-starred culinary experts. From elite events like Roland Garros to everyday connections, we highlight the passion and excellence behind every dish. Learn about the innovations and technology that brought our chefs from the top of the Eiffel Tower to kitchens in Brazil, fostering a true Love of food.

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