Mental health and wellbeing are key drivers of Quality of Life that we should take it as seriously as physical health; however, mental health is not always easy to discuss. Opening the dialogue on mental health is key to create a mentally healthy workplace that is beneficial for everyone. It’s time to Stamp Out Stigma and understand that mental health is not static. We have green days, we have red days, we have orange days. That’s normal.

How are you feeling today? Use the Mental Health Continuum Self-Check tool as a guide to check in with your mental health. 

Stamp Out Stigma Infographic - Accessible Version


“Acknowledging that I am going through a period of greater mental fragility, and talking about it without fear of being judged, is already a great step forward for stamping out stigma” –Valerie Cloutier, Mental Health Champion and Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor

The Working Mind

We all have a responsibility to decrease the stigma around mental illness and increase knowledge and awareness about mental health. At Sodexo Canada, we are pleased to announce a new internal training programme called The Working Mind. The Working Mind is an evidence-based programme developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and other leading experts. It is designed to initiate a shift in the way people think, act and feel about mental health.

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It's time to Stamp Out Stigma

Helpful Resources

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  2. Checking in on Yourself

  3. 1:1 Conversation with Yourself

  4. Mini-guide to help employee’s mental health through winter

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