Patient through-put

Patient through-put

No patient likes to lie around in the hallway of the Emergency Department waiting for a hospital bed or sit around waiting for a transporter to pick them up from a test. Sodexo centralizes these requests and organizes communication flows to allow medical teams to optimize their schedules and achieve greater efficiency.

Streamlining communication

Every day, hospitals have to deal with many, varied service demands from telephone calls to patient admission and discharge, including meal orders, scheduling technical interventions and responding to requests for information or news about patients.


At Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre our teams manage Service Response Centers that immediately process and centralize all types of requests. The system provides the hospital with necessary information such as patient admission or discharge times along with hospital bed occupancy at any given moment. The overall results include increased satisfaction on the part of patients and the public who appreciate the quality of reception. In addition, our information processing helps the administration refine its cost management and provides an efficient system to measure call volumes and response times.

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