Design and construction

Design and construction

In many situations across the country, university infrastructures are in need of modernization. As a result, Sodexo’s know-how is increasingly sought to manage construction and renovation projects and to keep them on budget and on schedule.

Overseeing complex project management

Our engineers and technicians are responsible for project management from the design stage to the fittings and fixtures for classrooms, campus accommodations, gymnasiums, etc. Their expertise is especially in demand to design energy efficiency systems for buildings and interior organization and equipment.

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Energy savings

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Exceptional student experiences

At Sodexo, we know that enhancing the quality of life on the university campus is crucial. Ensuring students' well being is an essential...

Sustainable campus

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Landscaping and groundskeeping

The university setting is an important factor in the well being of students and their quality of life. It also gives students, faculty and staff a favourable image...

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