Living and learning environment

Living and learning environment

Adopting good environmental practices and optimizing facilities gives schools an important competitive advantage. Environmentally friendly facilities and learning centers help drive student achievement and performance and are important criteria for students in choosing the right school. It also improves quality of life in the learning community.

Operations and maintenance

Comfortable environments enhance both the lives and learning abilities of students, as well as the focus and dedication of faculty and staff. Sodexo’s efficient plant operations respond to the needs of schools while optimizing operating budgets.


At Acadia University, Sodexo manages a broad range of services. Our Physical Plant manages planned maintenance, work orders, the athletic facilities, which include a football field, ice rink and indoor swimming pool, recycling program and has installed and maintained a central heating plant.

Acadia University’s mission is to instil a deep, life-long commitment to environmental protection among students. Along the way to transforming their students into ambassadors for environmental protection, the university’s long-term relationship with Sodexo has generated more than $600,000 in energy cost savings. This translates to an average annual reduction in oil consumption of 87,450 litres and an average cut in electricity usage of more than 354,102 Kwh per year. Sodexo’s role is to collaborate on ideas and provide the resources, staff and technological know-how to power the university’s drive to lighten its carbon, water and waste footprints.  



Student, faculty and staff experience is highly influenced by the school’s general appearance. Our janitorial and custodial staff are armed with multiple skills and ready to use their technical knowledge to maintain the school’s image and reputation.

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