Published on : 3/24/21
  • As conversations about our health and the means to nourish, protect and treasure it have been prevailing, now more than ever, let’s all take this time, during National Nutrition Month, to reflect on the ways we can support our bodies, minds and souls.

    Health as the New Luxury

    The pandemic has made us question and redefine what we once called “our normality”. We have therefore come to the realisation, over the past year, that on both an individual and a collective scope, we are continuously navigating through various changes: our routines, needs and systems continue to change.

    However, in this new and blurry landscape, one priority has not altered:
    Our health stands still, like a lighthouse, sheltering and guiding us through the storm. In this sense, the pandemic has reminded us, if not emphasized the importance and urgency, to take care of our health, anywhere and everywhere we are. In our homes, hospitals and in our communities. And if we succeed in doing that, it will do us the large favour of taking care of us.

    How do I take care of my health and the health of others?

    Taking control of your nutrition is one strong, essential and pleasurable way to do it. Let’s take the time to reflect on our eating habits during Nutrition Month: where does my food come from? How is it produced? How did this meal travel and reach my doorstep?

    Reflecting on our complex food ecosystem, from understanding the ingredients in our meals and their impact on our physical and mental health; to looking at the ways we can support and give back to our communities through food; all means are valuable to protect and sustain our health.

    Finally, with each seed we plant and every meal we prepare, we work on nourishing our lives today in the hopes of a better tomorrow.

    This article was published for the first time on the personal LinkedIn account of Josee Michaud, Senior Vice President, Healthcare & Seniors, Sodexo Canada.